Monday, June 22, 2020

Philadelphia Rabbi Mixes Art and Spirituality

By Jesse Bernstein
A typical morning class at Rabbi Rebecca Richman’s house, pre-pandemic | Courtesy of Rabbi Rebecca Richman
Some of Rabbi Rebecca Richman’s West Philadelphia Art Beit Midrash students call her Rabbi Richman. Some go with Rabbi Bec. Others, just Bec. Differences aside, the one thing her students agree on is that Richman’s class, which began with in-person instruction a year ago and has since been adapted for Zoom, has become an important part of their daily spiritual practice. The combination of a weekly class with singing, textual study, art-making and open discussion has become a balm in troubling times. Prior to the pandemic, classes were held weekly at Richman’s house and at Germantown Jewish Centre, where she is a part-time rabbi. Now, her Zoom classes have drawn almost 80 students from across the country. [More]