Thursday, June 25, 2020

Religious Art Is Ideal for Protests. Patrick McGrath Muñíz Puts a Mask on it

Kamazotz (2020) oil on canvas, 40 x 60
Camazotz was a prominent figure in Maya mythology. In Guatemalan K'iche' language it means "death bat". This god appears in the Popol Vuh and is associated with sacrifice, death and the night. Patrick McGrath Muñíz is an artist from Puerto Rico now living in Houston, Texas. His work consists primarily of oil painting on canvas and retablo panels inspired by work of the Old Masters. This series of COVID-19 inspired work is currently available at Evoke Contemporary in Santa Fe, NM. While the crow stands as a reminder of our reliance on nature to derive signs, meaning and prophetic visions to guide us. A small card on the upper right shows an image of St. Lazarus, the leper, known in Santeria as Babalu Aye , the deity in charge of healing over epidemic diseases.