Saturday, June 13, 2020

The Art Collections Are Real; the Owners Are Not

By Jillian Steinhauer
Brian Cox as the media mogul Logan Roy in the HBO series “Succession.” The artwork is Frank Thiel's “Spegazzini #01,” a chromogenic print from 2012/2013.
“I create art collections for people who don’t exist,” Fanny Pereire likes to say. She dreams up what Midwestern housewives or New York City billionaires might hang on their walls and then clears the rights to use either real, existing works or, more often, to recreate them on set. Ms. Pereire, who has spent more than a decade placing art in television and film productions, was indispensable to the making of that scene. "I have 57,128 photos and 810 videos on my computer. Plus I have Dropbox and other things — those are just photos that I’ve taken." [More]