Saturday, June 27, 2020

Will the Last Confederate Statue Standing Turn Off the Lights?

By Ezra Marcus
The appearance of a state-owned statue of Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Va., has been altered dramatically by artists and protesters. Carlos Bernate for The New York Times
RICHMOND, Va. — Until three weeks ago, Lee Circle, which is named for the 130-year-old statue of General Robert E. Lee that stands some 60 feet high at its center, attracted few visitors beyond the occasional tourist or weekend sunbather. But as protests over police brutality and racism, ignited by the killing of George Floyd while he was in policy custody, have spread across the country, and Confederate monuments have been torn down in many cities, crowds of people have been showing up to this little park on Monument Avenue every day. At first, it was to protest. Now, the crowd resembles something of a block party. [More]