Monday, July 27, 2020

Artists like Patrick McGrath Muñiz Send Hopeful Message With Works

By Kathleen Johnson
“Clymene’s Children,” oil and gold leaf on panel by Patrick McGrath Muñiz.
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Many artists live cloistered within a studio, plying their trade sans outside interference. The notion of quarantine is normal. But as the pandemic roils across the nation, it seeps into those creative spaces, splashing across canvas and carving. “Contemporáneos Hispanos” gathers works by Nicholas Herrera, Patrick McGrath Muñiz and Thomas Vigil at Santa Fe’s Evoke Contemporary, Although each artist worked independently and without a theme, all managed to capture the sense of fear, anger and urgency engulfing them. Houston’s Patrick McGrath Muñiz mixes metaphors borne of ancient Greek and Mayan mythology to comment on contemporary issues. [More]
“Kamazotz,” oil on canvas by Patrick McGrath Muñiz. (Courtesy of Evoke Contemporary)