Saturday, July 4, 2020

Black in America, Through a Camera

By Ruth La Ferla

A celestial mood captured by Ashley Pena. .Ashley Pena
In a photography show and auction Jamel Shabazz and others take an up-close look at Black culture and community. Highlights include Ibra Ake’s portrait of a boy who sits, stoically submissive, to have his hair razor-trimmed; Joshua Woods’s study of a rakish young man in a leopard coat; Adrian Octavius Walker’s close-up of a youth, his somber features contrasting startlingly with the bright pink du-rag on his head; and Dana Scruggs’s supple dancer, back arched in a balletic pose. The show was conceived to support organizations including the Youth Empowerment Project, the Know Your Rights Camp, and the Black Futures Lab. But in a period of social upheaval and continuing racial protests, its deeper objective is to highlight photography as a tool for sociopolitical engagement. [More]
A Joshua Kissi portrait of ceremonially costumed celebrants at Mardi Gras. Joshua Kissi