Thursday, July 9, 2020

Kunsthalle Bremen opens 'Your Turn! Recreating Artworks During Quarantine'

Karl-Holger Meyer (recreation of A. Dürer).
BREMEN.- During the Coronavirus lockdown, the Kunsthalle Bremen called on people to recreate works of art from its collection in Bremen. The response was overwhelming! On Wednesday, 8 July 2020, visitors can view a selection of 77 photos in the South Foyer of the Kunsthalle Bremen titled Your Turn! Recreating Artworks During Quarantine. The quarantine period was a trying time, both for the museums that had to close and the public who were forced to stay at home, suddenly banned from undertaking any type of cultural outing. A new idea was born of necessity and the challenge #TussenKunstenQuarantaine (between art and quarantine) was launched on Instagram. [More]
"Saint Onuphrius and John the Baptist" (1505) by Albrecht Durer; Oil on limewood; 58×40 cm; Location: The Kunsthalle art gallery, Bremen