Saturday, July 18, 2020

The Huppah - a Beloved Object of Jewish Art

By Tobey Yani
Jewish Wedding by Marco Marcuola,Venice, around 1780 (Photo credit: Moise.Nedjar/Wikimedia Commons)
The huppah is considered a symbol of God’s love above the married couple. The traditional huppah features an open sky above acknowledging God as Creator, who infuses marriage with deep spirituality. The huppah, the Jewish bridal canopy, is one of the most beloved objects of Jewish art. It is steeped in history, customs, symbolism and beauty. It is both the actual bridal canopy and the ceremony. Here we will focus on the huppah as an object of Jewish art. The Hebrew word huppah means covering, or that which floats above. It is based on the root word hafah, which means to “cover” or “hide,” similar to the word hafaf, meaning to “protect.”[More]