Tuesday, August 25, 2020

A Giant Reimagined: Introducing Contemporary Artist Louis Carreon’s Religious Iconography

By Magdalena Munao
Detail of original work "St Hustle" 52"w X 60"h oils, charcoal, aerosol, on linens
After his many years of living a rambunctious life of chaos, today, for contemporary artist Louis Carreon, maintaining a constant sense of individual evolution is imperative. But today, Carreon faces a new challenge ahead as he departs from his usual medium of painting and transitions into sculpting with his very first sculpture titled “David Reincarnated.” I “To me, exploring the value of redemption is everything,” Carreon says. “Most human beings feel bad when they do something bad and that alone in itself shows you that there’s something bigger than us or else we wouldn’t care.” To learn more about Louis Carreon, visit his website or follow him on Instagram. [More
Original Work St Hustle 52"w X 60"h oils, charcoal, aerosol, on linens