Gianguan Auctions to Offer Devotional Art, Bronze, Jade and Ceramic Statues


Lot 27 Northern Wei Dynasty, A Very Rare Stone Bodhisattva with Crossed Ankles.
NEW YORK, NY.- Gianguan Auctions, known for two decades for offering Chinese religious art at accessible estimates, is poised to present an outstanding collection of devotional art, bronze, jade and ceramic statues in its Saturday, August 29 sale. With devotional art an integral part of the Chinese ethic and highly popular among western practitioners of Buddhism and yoga, Lot 27 is an exceptional offering. A Rare Northern Wei Dynasty seated Bodhisattva, with Crossed Ankles. The face with elongated eyes and serene expression, wearing a long flowing robe cascading over the pedestal-tiered base, leaving the feet exposed and crossed at the ankles, backed by a mandorla incorporating an ovoid aureole carved with lotus petals, the base flanked by two ferocious lions. ​[More]