Wednesday, August 5, 2020

How a ‘Biblically Illiterate’ Generation Can Discover Christian Art

By Carmel Thompson
Stanley’s Spencer’s disconcertingly ‘chunky’ Christ, as Carmel described him.
The new Holy Smoke episode is a significant departure from our usual formula. It’s a discussion about the profound and neglected meaning of Christian art. Professor Ben Quash of King’s College London is interviewed not by me but by Carmel Thompson – my sister. Carmel is a passionate enthusiast for exhibitions. Ben is a high-flying authority on art and theology. Ben Quash is currently building a hugely ambitious online resource, the Visual Commentary on Scripture, in which art historians and theologians seek to reconnect Christian art with the beliefs that gave rise to their creation. Obviously you’ll get far more out of this discussion if you can see what Carmel and Ben are talking about with such infectious enthusiasm. [More