Sunday, August 16, 2020

RELIGIOUS ART | NEWS OF WEEK -- Collecting Kehinde Wiley

Ernest Disney-Britton at home in his Indianapolis master-bath with Kehinde Wiley's "Matar MBaye II" Plate (2014) by Artwear Editions, and detail of Hank Wills Thomas Plate (2007) by Artadia limited edition.
Birthday month! Ernest. Our three moms. One sister. One niece and our dog are all born in August! As we celebrate, we decided to inject some Kehinde Wiley into the mix. His oil paintings sell for the price of our home, but we still wanted one, and these functional reproductions were perfect. For Ernest's mom, the beach lover, we bought Wiley's "The Virgin Martyr St. Cecilia" beach towel for $110 (artist's website), and last year we purchased his "Matar Mbaye II" dinner plate for $99 (Artware Editions). Bringing Kehinde Wiley home affordably is our tip this week.
"Matar Mbaye II" Plate from the Alpha & Omega Project for Contemporary Art Collection. The porcelain plate series by Kehinde Wiley was produced in 2014 and includes six designs featuring details from paintings spanning 2008-2012. Each coupe plate is 10.75" and shows a stamped signature on the versus.  They are microwave and dishwasher safe, but also have holes for hanging. 
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For Ernest's mom, the beach lover, we bought Wiley's "The Virgin Martyr St. Cecilia" beach towel for $110 (artist's website)
Kehinde Wiley in the 2018 TIME 100 List
Kehinde Wiley, the World Stage: Africa, Lagos-Dakar at the Studio Museum features 10 recent works, including “Matar Mbaye.”  Courtesy of Kehinde Wiley and Deitch Projects
"Napoleon Leading the Army Over the Alps" (2005) by Kehinde Wiley