Sunday, August 30, 2020

RELIGIOUS ART | NEWS OF WEEK -- Collecting Max Whalen

Ernest Disney-Britton on our patio in Indianapolis with the newly installed plants with Max Whalen's "Kouros."
This weekend, we began turning our empty patio into a sculpture garden. Inspired by our art-filled interior (45 works on display), we moved Max Whalen's "Kouros" from indoors to be our patio centerpiece. A Kouros is a nude statue of a youth used as a dedication to the Greek gods. What's next? Maybe sculptures by Quincy Owens (light) and Adam Russell (ceramics)? Shouldn't your outdoors reflect your indoor spirit? For more sculpture ideas, visit Max Whalen's website. Creating your own private sculpture garden during COVID-19 is our tip of the week.
Max Whalen's "Kouros"
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Three Women by Max Whalen
"Lying" by Max Whalen
"Figure 2" by Max Whalen