Monday, September 7, 2020

Hindi Artist's Search for the Indian Face of Jesus

By Jyoti Sahi
In a two-part series, Christian artist Jyoti Sahi reflects on the place of art in the process of “inculturation” in the Indian Church:
The relation between art and colonialism has always interested me. The concept of “inculturation” can be interpreted as the effort of the Indian Church to come out of a colonial understanding of Christianity in Asia to a new awakening in the universal Church. However, “inculturation” has often been approached in two opposing ways: one as the dialogue with other faiths, and the other as a tool for evangelization. The difference has given rise to misunderstandings and confusion about inculturation itself. A fundamental question confronts those searching for an “Indian face” of Christ: What is Indian? Indian culture is an amalgam of several cultures, varied characteristics, and diverse ethnicities. A form of Indian nationalism has tried to stress Indian culture as India’s dominant culture. [More