How Queer Art is Changing Hindu Conversations Around the LGBTQIA + Community

By Aishwarya Upadhye
Artwork by Veer Misra
Queer art projecting stories of struggle and survival is gaining popularity in India, giving the LGBTQIA + community long-due appropriate representation.  “One of the highs of my career as an artist was when a person I met at an exhibition wrote to me about how he had used one of my paintings to come out to his parents, something he had struggled with for years,” says Veer Misra, a 24-year old graphic designer, illustrator and artist. Veer uses his art to tell tales from the queer community and normalise their experiences of coming out, finding a partner and falling in love. “Coming out is just a part of the process, there is so much more to our lives." [More
Self-portrait by Anwesh Sahoo