Sunday, November 1, 2015


By Disney-Britton
Donald Jackson works on The Saint John's Bible
A&O subscribers voted to recognize three honorees for their work in advancing inter-religious dialogue across America. Their 2015 work advanced inter-religious learning, appreciation, and humility. The Alpha Omega Prize - Artist of the Year 2015 is Donald Jackson, artistic director of "The Saint John's Bible." Additionally, A&O's Clergy Advocate of the Year is Pope Francis; and the Museum Exhibition of the Year is The Jewish Museum's "Masterpieces & Curiosities: Nicole Eisenman’s Seder." That's why Donald, Francis, and Nicole are our NEWS OF YEAR.
The Saint John's Bible
"Parable of the Lost Son" for The Saint John's Bible by Donald Jackson with contributions
British calligrapher Donald Jackson turns the pages of The Saint John's Bible for Pope Francis  
Installation view of "Masterpieces & Curiosities: Nicole Eisenman’s Seder" at The Jewish Museum, NYC
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