Sunday, May 22, 2016


ALPHA OMEGA ARTS [AOPrize Finalist: Vote Here]
By ErnestGregory Disney-Britton
"Jesus the Hunter" (detail)
When we hear of people making associations with violence, politics, and religion, we turn to contemporary artists to explain the debate. This week when Donald Trump told the National Rifle Association that Hillary Clinton, his likely Democratic opponent in the presidential election, “wants to take away your guns,” we turned to Michele Castagnetti's "Jesus the Hunter." The two-foot statuette shows Jesus wearing a rifle, and whether pro-gun or anti-gun—the image is a reminder of the hypocrisy of linking Christ and guns. Art of the religious imagination speaks louder than any politician.

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Michele Castagnetti's "Jesus the Hunter" – plaster, wood, metal and cord – 24.5X9X4.5 in.