Sunday, April 22, 2018


By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
Detail of "Lamentation Mary, Comforter of the Afflicted II" (2016) by Kehinde Wiley
Can religious art facilitate more conversations about gender, race, and sex? When we saw Kehinde Wiley’s Lamentations Series this week in a story about stained glass artists, it broke our hearts. It came during an avalanche of conversations about the death of 92-year-old white female, Barbara Bush, and almost none concerning the latest police killing of 26-year-old black male Diante Yarber. This week, we found a number of new shows exploring gender, race, and sex. If you are interested in them too, we recommend, Breaking the Mold in Louisville, KY with Kehinde Wiley; Stanley Spencer’s Love on the Moor in the UK; and Karsang Lama’s Divine Feminine in NYC. We need  these conversations, and that is why Kehinde Wiley’s Lamentations Series is our news of the week.
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