Sunday, September 2, 2018


By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
Fernando Baril, “Crossing Jesus Christ with the God Shiva” (1996)
All of the work by Brazilian painter Fernando Baril (b. 1948) is of a teasing nature.  This includes his "Crossing Jesus Christ with the God Shiva" (1996), a painting of the Jesus with 16 arms. The painting challenges you to open your brain and think about what you’re seeing. This particular painting is one of the more evocative works in Brazil's newly reopened Queermuseum exhibition. The exhibition of 263 other works at the Santander Cultural Center in Porto Alegre was shut-down last year following complaints from fascist fundamentalists. Last week, it reopened to record-breaking crowds, and that's why Fernando Baril's "Crossing Jesus Christ with the God Shiva" is our news of the week.

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