Sunday, January 19, 2020


By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
Malcolm X from '48 Portraits (underexposed)', 2012 Ink jet print on pulped encyclopedic paper 22 × 24 1/2 in 55.9 × 62.2 cm Edition 2/2
We met Samuel Levi Jones, a major star in contemporary art on Thursday at an Indianapolis public school where he installed his striking "48 Portraits (Underexposed)." The work is a direct response to Gerhard Richter's "48 Portraits" (1971) that depicts only white males. Trained as a photographer, Jones is best known for reconstructing  historical texts into patchwork paintings of equality. Samuel Levi Jones talked with kids at Edison School of the Arts, and that makes him, our artist of the week.
Samuel Levi Jones' "48 Portraits (Underexposed)" (2012); Inkjet Prints on Recycled Encyclopedia Britannica Paper
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Artist Samuel Levi Jones and school board member Ernest Disney-Britton standing in front of "48 Portraits (underexposed)" hung vertically at Edison School of the Arts. 
Edison School of the Arts staff and board members: (L-R) Amber, Penny, Ernest, Kay, Nathan 
"48 Portraits (Underexposed)" by Samuel Levi Jones. Courtesy of Newfields
Borders Within2019Pulped Law Books on Canvas55 x 60 inches