RELIGIOUS ART | NEWS OF WEEK - Collecting Adam Russell

Greg Disney-Britton at home in living room next to newest purchase, "Water Lilly" by Adam Russell. The photo was taken last night after our niece's wedding.
We spent 7-days in Key West (following our Fauci Travel Guide), and we brought back a crocodile. We bought Adam Russell's "Water Lilly," a limited edition print of a Florida Key's crocodile, plus we bought a second "Walking Fish," from Russell's production pottery shop. It's all secular stuff. It's totally whimsical, and we can't get enough of his tropical modernism. We'll be back for more. The call to return to the Florida Keys makes Adam Russell, Key West Pottery, our week's tip.
Adam Russell's "Water Lilly," #2 of 20, a limited edition print; 16"x20"

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Key West artist Adam Russell hold his "Water Lilly" print
WALKING FISH - 8’’x14’’