RELIGIOUS ART | NEWS OF WEEK -- Collecting Ben Smith

Ernest Disney-Britton, at home in den with "Madonna" (1966) by Ben Smith, woodblock print
RBG, Fonseca, and the Conch Republic. Because of them, we'll be selling art to raise money for the Biden-Harris campaign. The passing of RBG, our friend 
Bryan Fonseca from Covid-19, and the loss of our third potential Key West vacation-home, inspired us to sell off the artworks in storage beginning next Sunday. There are bigger initiatives, but our focus will be on the art of the religious imagination with artists like Atlanta's Ben Smith. Where your treasure is, there your heart is also, so using your artistic treasures to advance equality is our tip of the week.
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"Madonna" (1966) woodblock print; 6 of 25; 44 x 33 inches
"Samson Enchained" (1964) woodblock print;  60 x 81 inches 
"Solomon"  (1964) woodblock print;  48 x 48 inches