2021 Photo: "Art Climb" at Cincinnati Art Museum on August 7, 2021. Photo by Renee (Britton) Johnson of Michael Johnson, Ernest Disney-Britton, Gregory Disney-Britton, and Tambra Smoot climbing to the top.
After 13 years, this is our last blog post for Alpha Omega Arts (2008-2021). We are grateful for your fellowship, but it’s time. For what? God knows. What we do know is that a year ago, we celebrated mom’s 82nd birthday, with her, by racing up the nine-story Art Climb at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Today, in her memory, we did it again. In Verneida’s final months, she pushed us to stop “pretending” and to actually go start a new climb. To let go and climb with God. Amen
2020 photo (August 7, 2020) of Renee Johnson and Verneida Britton (1938-2021) celebrating birthday during pandemic on the "Art Climb" at the Cincinnati Art Museum.
Our favorite artists per religious practice, 2008-2021 from across the USA, and around the world:
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2020 August (Left to Right): Ernest Disney-Britton, Gregory Disney-Britton, Renee Britton Johnson, Verneida Britton (1938-2021), Camille Turner
2021 August (Center Left to Right): Gregory Disney-Britton, Smoot, Mike Johnson, Ernest Disney-Britton, Renee (Britton) Johnson 
2021 August (Left to Right) at Cincinnati Art Museum: Renee Johnson, Ernest Disney-Britton, Gregory Disney-Britton, Tambra Smoot, Aniah Johnson, Naomi Johnson, Michael Johnson, Fayth Johnson, Olivia Johnson, Caleena Turner. Photograph by cafe waitress in front of Miro mural. 

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