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"Coney Island" (2007) poster by Tim Zeltner

ALPHA OMEGA ARTS "Coney Island" (2007) by Tim Zeltner Bought it today! New York Transit Museum is a unique museum devoted to the impact of public transportation on the growth and development of the New York metropolitan region. New York City;

Tah Rules - 10 Guiding Principles

ALPHA OMEGA ARTS By  TAHLIB This blog is inspired by many creative and spiritual people. Special thanks to my dad, Ernest Britton (OH), Angela Corley (FL), Dr. Leon Boothe (KY), Gregory Disney (IN), and Leslie Krienes (OH) for their help in shaping a set of principles to guide my life philosophy. The biggest thanks is due to my spiritual friend Robert Maverick. During a 2007 visit to see him in California, he greated me with a huge sign with the words "Tah Rules" as my official welcome.