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My Sanctuary: The Church of St. Vincent de Paul | NYC

ALPHA OMEGA ARTS By  TAHLIB NEW YORK---Since my arrival in July to work/live in NYC, my daily sanctuary has been noon mass at the Church of St. Vincent de Paul , and led by French speaking F. Murray. I adore the caretaker who reminds me of the Hunchback of Notre Dame but with a warm smile. Located across the street from my office of angry atheist-gay activists, I feel it is a gift from God, a place where I can restore my faith and energies each afternoon, and I do look forward to escaping to its peaceful walls each day.

Alpha & Omega Project for Contemporary Religious Arts Names Artist of Year for 2008: Kehinde Wiley

ALPHA OMEGA ARTS By  TAHLIB The Brooklyn-based painter Kehinde Wiley creates large-scale portraits of African-American men in poses taken from the portraiture of Old European Masters. CALIFORNIA - Unarguably the most celebrated African American painter of our times, Kehinde Wiley's "The Dead Christ in a Tomb" (c. 2007) is the recipient of the Alpha & Omega Prize for Contemporary Religious Art  of the year.  The painting is currently on view at the Roberts & Tilton Gallery in Los Angeles. The Alpha Omega Prize is a contemporary art recognition for the promotion of religious dialogue in America during the past year.