Sunday, December 20, 2015


THE ALPHA OMEGA ARTS [AOPrize Finalist: Click to Vote]
By ErnestGregory Disney-Britton
"The Magi" by James C. Lewis (Book of Matthew, 2:1-12)
What gift(s) will you bring for Christmas this year? After 26 days of Advent fastingrepentance, and penanceChristmas Day comes this Friday, and Christians will celebrate Christ's birth by giving gifts. In our home, we give three gifts in the tradition of "The Magi" (Matthew 2:1-12), and as photographed by James C. Lewis (above). These gifts mark a new life. Gold is the gift that is on the receiver's mind; Myrrh (red) is for their body, and Frankincense (white) is for their soul. That's why "The Magi" by James C. Lewis is our NEWS OF WEEK.

For other religious art news from across the USA, and around the world, see below:
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