Sunday, December 18, 2016


By Ernest & Gregory Disney-Britton
"A Very Merry Christmas" (1987) by Keith Haring
The top news story this week was the purchase of "A Very Merry Christmas" by Keith Haring through Paddle 8. Created in 1987, the same year our son Kai was born, we envy the lucky collector who is taking home this Christmas red & gold illustration of the birth of Christ. This week we also read a new Galatians 2:20 inspired reflection by Greg's mother-in-law, Verneida Britton and we posted it online along with Rembrandt's drawing "Christ Crucified.” Additionally, we've enjoyed two new poems by our friends Norbert Krapf and Charlie Goetz, and Greg had his Christmas concert series with the Indianapolis Men's Chorus (bottom of page) where he was a featured dancer. At this time of year, creating and collecting are both about memories.

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Gregory Disney-Britton sang-in, and danced-in the holiday season with the Indianapolis Men's Chorus's annual spectacular for the entire family, featuring fun favorites and inspirational sacred songs. Greg is pictured at the dancer dressing room.
Gregory Disney-Britton dressed as a dancing toy soldier for the Indianapolis Men's Chorus
Toy soldier, Gregory Disney-Britton rests during rehearsal for the Indianapolis Men's Chorus


Charles J. Goetz said...

Feel humbled. Thanks for the mention.

Hope this is not our "last Christmas." I'm getting a better understanding of the Russian royals just before Lenin, et al.

Anyhow, Merry Christmas to all and to all a "G'day."


Charlie & Blanchard

Norbert Krapf said...

Thanks so much, Ernest. We’re honored!
~ Norbert

Ernest Disney-Britton said...

Charlie - What better time of the year than now to just put your trust in God, and believe?

Charles J. Goetz said...

Yeah. Are we getting to the point where believing is the only alternative to despair ( a "sin against hope")? Maybe there's no place to go but to God--a lesson being taught and, one hopes, learned....