Sunday, November 12, 2017


By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton

2018 Alpha Omega Prize Finalist:
Makoto Fujimura’s "Charis-Kairos (The Tears of Christ)" 80x64", Mineral Pigments, Gold on Belgium Linen. One image in a set of Frontpieces
Calling this week’s grand opening of the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC, a "major event" would be an understatement. The 430,000 square foot museum opens on Fri., Nov. 17 just blocks from Capitol Hill at the cost of over $500 million. Its displays will feature over 2,800 Bible artifacts, and the opening will also include an exhibition of works by a 2013 Alpha Omega Prize honoree. Created in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the King James Version, Makoto Fujimura's “The Four Holy Gospels" is now an inaugural exhibit of the Museum of the Bible. We already have our timed-tickets, and we urge you to get your tickets too for the Museum of the Bible.

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Alpha Omega Artist of Year Honorees: Kelvin Burzon (2017); Philip Campbell (2016); Donald Jackson (2015); Anila Quayyum Agha (2014); Makoto Fujimura (2013); Siona Benjamin (2012); Banksy (2011); Thomas Blackshear (2010); Helen Zughaib (2009); Kehinde Wiley (2008) 
Images of this past week's installation at the Museum of the Bible courtesy of Makoto Fujimura's Twitter
Makoto Fujimura’s "Charis-Kairos (The Tears of Christ)" is at center, and flanked by the frontpieces for the four gospels
"The 'boxes'," according to Fujimura, "are the chapter heading letters from each of the chapters."