By Gregory & Ernest Disney-Britton
Alicia Zanoni in her artist studio at the Harrison Center for the Arts in 2017
I am a bigger fan of landscapes than Ernest, but we are both huge fans of the ethereal weather paintings of Indianapolis-based artist Alicia Zanoni. By painting elements of weather, she invites us on a spiritual journey. We first became fans of her crashing ocean blue waves in 2017-2018 during her Arts Council of Indianapolis fellowship. Today, those same spirit-filled brush-strokes are blended into landscapes with orange, green, and yellow. We brought home her “The Opposite of Hesitant” on Friday, and that makes Alicia Zanoni our artist of the week.
Detail of Alicia Zanoni's “The Opposite of Hesitant” (2019); Oil on linen; 15" x 28"
Detail of "The Opposite of Hesitant"
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Come What May, oil on linen
Not Your Average Apocalypse, oil on linen
The End as We Know It, oil on linen
Harrison Center for the Arts "Undercurrent" exhibition in September 2017