RELIGIOUS ART | NEWS OF WEEK -- Collecting Kelvin Burzon


Ernest Disney-Britton stands at home in Indianapolis (2017) next to new photographer Kelvin Buzon's diptych titled "Ama Namin” (“Our Father" in Tagalog) and “Ina ng Gracia” (“Mother of Grace"), AP prints; top left and middle left; Doug Birkenheuer's "Evil Innocence," bottom left; and William Rasdell’s “Jews in the African Diaspora" collection, bottom right.
How do you mark spiritual journeys? Week two of our collection spotlights looks at the photography of Kelvin Burzon. Born in the Philippines (1989), the Indiana-based artist uses the dramatic lighting effect of chiaroscuro, to explore the last days of Christ through the lens of a Gay-POC-Christian. Surrounding ourselves with art that celebrates faith and diversity is at the top of our list. Check out our Burzon collection below, and then visit the artist's website here. Marking spiritual journeys makes Kelvin Burzon's art, our tip of the week.

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"Pietà" by Kelvin Burzon in Noli Me Tangere
"AMA NAMIN" (Our Father) by Kelvin Burzon. Image courtesy of the Alpha & Omega Project for Religious Arts Collection