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Gregory Disney-Britton stands in living room at home in Indianapolis with the newly acquired "Jesus, the Tolerant" by Tony Melendez.
Before we married, Greg had a thing for Disney collectibles, and Ernest had been acquiring random new works without a particular focus. The idea of collecting Jesus art began in 2008 when we first saw the mystical paintings of self-taught artist Tony Melendez at Jesus Metropolitan Community Church. It was our first date. Today, we have a Jesus Room packed with portraits by diverse artists, and more packed away in Clearbags. For the next few weeks, we'll share more collecting tips from our married couple collecting journey that began with Tony Melendez.
"Jesus, the Tolerant" (2012) by Tony Melendez; 24" x 48"; acrylic. Collection of Ernest & Gregory Disney-Britton's Alpha & Omega Project for Contemporary Religious Arts
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Tony Melendez (1938-2015) in his studio in early 2000s. 
"Annunciation -- Me?" 24"x30", $1,000
Joseph and the Dreamcoat, private collection

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