Sunday, September 18, 2016


By Ernest & Gregory Disney-Britton
Calm and Stars. Oil painting by Yongsung Kim. Image courtesy of Foundation Arts
It is easy to get lost in Yongsung Kim's "Calm and Stars" on display last month in Utah--the effervescent colors and the cosmic light washing over and around the figure of Jesus. There is an authenticity to his work that is neither sentimental or somber. Born in Korea, Kim is a self-taught artist who began as a cartoonist before having a God dream where he was asked, “What are you doing with the gifts I’ve given you?” It was an instant conversion, and today he paints Christian images of magnificent light. At Alpha Omega Arts, we have a strong attraction to the authenticity of self-taught artists and their expressions of light and decoration. Are your walls in need of a conversion? Yongsung Kim's paintings of light may be just for you.

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