Sunday, November 13, 2011


By Tahlib
"FREEDOM" (above) by Rachael Walker is the 2011 winning high school artwork for the first A&O Prize for Youth as part of this week's Spirit & Place Festival exhibit, "Beyond Dead: A Youth Response." Walker, a Senior at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indianapolis said her work, "is meant to illuminate the unfortunate issue of teen suicide." Walker will receive a scholarship for use at an Indiana college. This week's question of the week is:
Listed below are the other news stories of the past week from the world of religious art. The stories are grouped by the five largest faith traditions, with an additional category for other/interfaith.

  • "Tibetan Treasures" Exhibit on Display in Pennsylvania Museum (Tribune-Democrat)
  • Preview of "The Priest and the Prostitute" a Hindu Satire (AOA News)
  • Curator Navina Haidar's Islamic Art Galleries Open At the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Huffington Post)
  • Theater Review: "Pangs of the Messiah" Eviction Before Salvation in Israel (New York Times)
  • Evangelical Preacher from Colorado, Named Artist Advocate of 2011 (AOA News)
  • Kindness Foundation Art on display in Mississippi City Hall (Laurel Leader Call)
  • Ohio College's Art on Exhibit at Depicts Holy Mary’s Unconditional Love (Dayton Daily News)
  • Shopping Mall Displays Religious Art by California Artist, Jan Small (Patch)
  • Glass Negatives of Christian Painting Survive Japan's 1945 Atomic Bombing (Mainichi News)
  • Menil Collection of Religious Icons Spans Generations (Culture Map)
  • Mass Change for Roman Catholics at End of Month (Huffington Post)
  • A&O Prize for Youth Art Show Opens for Spirit & Place Festival (AOA News)
  • Utah Museum's 26th Annual Spiritual and Religious Art Exhibition (Daily Herald)
  • Students Create the Story of Life & Death with Giant Popsicles (AOA News)
  • Interfaith Dialogue about Death at the Indiana Interchurch Center (AOA News)
  • Video: "After...Life" by Ejaaz Collins (Interchurch Center)
  • Final Days to Vote for Student Artist Winners in Indianapolis! (AOA News)
  • Movie Review: Immortals (New York Times)
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Ernest Britton said...

At the very least, all students in the US "Holy Hometowns" should be engaged in the type of experience enjoyed by Indianapolis students this year as part of SPIRIT & PLACE FESTIVAL. The comments made my the participating students were powerful, and the lasting impact, emotionally, critically and spiritually will be life-long.

Tahlib said...

A year ago, MENS HEALTH published a report on the HOLY HOMETOWNS OF THE USA. They ranked the top 100 by identifying the places of worship per capita; tallying up the number of religious organizations and the number of volunteers who support these groups; and finally, they considered the amount of money donated to religious organizations and spent on religious books. Indianapolis is ranked #5 of 100 with NYC at 84. The top 10 cities, or Holy Hometowns which should be having their own annual SPIRIT & PLACE FESTIVAL are listed below, but I think we also need one right here in #84: NYC. They are: (1) Colorado Springs, CO; (2) Greensboro, NC; (3) Oklahoma City, OK; (4) Wichita, KS; (5) Indianapolis, IN;(6) Jacksonville, FL;(7) Portland, OR (8) Birmingham, AL; (9) Charlotte, NC; and (10)Little Rock, AR. Congrats Ernest, to you and to your Holy Hometown of Indianapolis!

Tony Melendez said...

Congrats! I copied the following from the Spirit & Place website as a description "is Indiana’s largest civic festival. It promotes civic engagement, respect for diversity, thoughtful reflection, public imagination, and enduring change through creative collaborations between arts, faith-based, and civic institutions. The festival features 10 days of events for all ages and interests--dialogues, exhibits, performances, workshop services, tours, and more--creating a citywide celebration and conversation around the annual theme." Thank you for all the work you both do for us with that Creator Spirit!

Tambra Smoot said...

I am glad everything went so well yesterday! I wish I could have been there. I'm so proud of you, you make a difference in this world! Love you! Keep having fun!