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Arabesque exhibition in Jerusalem combines traditional and contemporary art

Michael Cook's Adam & Eve Project opens at UK's Brampton Museum

Google Home disables all religious references after controversy over Jesus answer

RELIGIOUS ART | NEWS OF WEEK (2nd Honeymoon: 1/28/18 - 2/8/18)

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Young Chinese artist brings ancient beasts to life

Art from Ben Uri Collection on loan for six months

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Fighing Stereotyping Through Preservation of Buddhist Art

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Hobby Lobby turns over 245 more artifacts smuggled out of Iraq

Treasures of Japanese ways of faith on display

That obscure, unattainable object of desire: your own art

Art Review: African masterpieces with the grace of Kings

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Chinese Buddhist devotional art leads Gianguan Auctions March sale

Philadelphia art exhibit presents fabrics from Jewish tradition

Artist Prashant Shah paints the beauty of Jain temples

Collectors, can’t tell Ken Burns quilts are quaint

California artist weaves faith into acclaimed works

Tiny French town demands the restitution of a religious reliquary from the Met

Zurbarán’s Jacob and his twelve sons: paintings from Auckland Castle

Starting an interfaith dialogue by collecting religious art

Exhibit, book explore religious works of Michelangelo, daVinci

Building the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial


Why artists destroyed their own art

Depictions of hell in Japanese art include smiling demons

Nabil Mousa's Arab and Coming Out in Detroit

Laurie Tisch, collecting the giants, of New York and Modern Art

Sotheby's New York to offer property from the collection of Otto Naumann

Berlin's Gemäldegalerie brings all fragments of diptych by Jean Fouquet together for the first time in 80 years

Did the new Bible museum copy this Muslim artist's award-winning work? It depends on who you ask

The Museum of the Bible Is a safe space for Christian Nationalists

INSPIRE ME! Artist of the Month, Karen Fitzgerald - January 2018

West Marin artist paints 10,000 Buddhas one Buddha at a time

La Salle University to deaccession 46 works from the university's art museum collection

Stolen idols in the US must be brought back

An exhibition in the US celebrates Estonia’s Renaissance artist Michel Sittow


Celebrating the End of the 12 Days of Christmas With Ornaments

Doubting Thomas in art, formally termed "The Incredulity of Saint Thomas"