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John 5:1-15 (Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?)

A&O Meetup to Evansville: June 18, 2011

Govt Consider's Rating System for Artworks in Galleries

Masterpieces on Paper at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

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China's Ulan Bator is an Art-lover's Paradise

Religious Art Stolen from Connecticut Church

The Painted History of Carpets

Cross A Day | Day #30 (Final Day)

Video: Henri Matisse Gallery at the Vatican, Opens After 30 Yrs

Andy Warhol’s Electric Chairs Join the Cross in a Lutheran Church

Aiming to Spread Judaism One Book at a Time

Willie Mays Is No Surfing Madonna

Vatican Portal Begins Aggregate Church’s News Today

University Exhibit Showcases Pakistani and Muslim Art

Cross A Day | Day #29 (1 day left)

John 4:1-30, 39-42 (All People are his Flock)

Inking Masterpiece Since the 16th Century in India

Marc Chagall's Jewish Lazarus

30th Anniversary of the Apparitions of Mary in Bosnia

Rana Riaz Ahmed's Solo Exhibition of Paintings on Islamic Art

Methods of Historiography in Islamic Art

Brad Pitt is God in "Tree of Life"

Cross A Day | Day #28 (2 days left)

Catholic "Treasures of Heaven" in England

Sacred Spaces: Inside DC's Hindu Temple

Valley of the Lost Scrolls of Dunhuang, China

Methodist Youth Ministry Links Art & Faith in Indianapolis

Book Review: "Long Gone"

Cross A Day | Day #27 (3 days left)

Cross A Day | Day #26 (4 days left)


Green Hindu Goddess Sold for $1.3 Million at Auction

Music Video: "I Lost, You Win" by @Aoedemuse

Cross A Day | Day #25 (5 days left)

New York Makes it 6 States With Freedom to Marry

Review: Treasures Of Heaven at The British Museum

$100 Million Facelift Transforms Israel Museum

'Jesus Chair' For Sale On EBay For $25,000

Blackstone’s Studzinski Backs British Museum Show of Relics

Cross A Day | Day #24 (6 days left)

The Immovable Surfing Madonna Taken Down in 2-Hrs Unharmed

Art Review: Artist's Work Removes Man's Interpretation from Religious Text

The Buddha: The Story in Manga and Art, Tokyo National Museum

The Naxi of Ancestral China at Rubin Museum of Art, Thanks to a Roosevelt

NYC's Jewish Art Salon Panel Discussion: Diversity in Jewish Art

Symbolism in Saffron Clothes or Robes Worn by Hindu Saints

Cross A Day | Day #23 (7 days left)

Do U Text @Church?

Ai Weiwei Released: 'Life is never guaranteed to be safe'

Final Days of Art of Marriage at the Jewish Museum of Art, NYC

Recently Discovered Masterpiece of Islamic Art to Go on View at the Pergamon Museum

Unknown Caravaggio Painting Unearthed in Britain

ABC News to Profile America's ONLY Marian Shrine on June 29

The Solstice isn't what it used to be...or is it?

Preserve Deteriorating Tamil Temple Art: Hindus

Birmingham Museum in US exhibiting Hindu Deities

Artist to Remove Surfing Madonna Himself, plus Pay the City $2625

Cross A Day | Day #22

Islamic Art Feature: Pick of the Month, by Muslim Matters

Chagoya's Original Painting, Music Surprise Father's Day Worshipers

Three Pages of Koran Carpet on Show in Tehran

Vatican Offering iPods to Reduce Tourist Noise

Cultural Entrepreneurs Building in Indianpolis.

Iconography in Islamic Art