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Groundbreaking Art Show at Jewish Museum is "Be-Jeweled"

Buddhist Statue Acquired by Nazis is a Space Rock

Giant Electronic Circuits Make Wonderfully Geeky Art

Tim Tebow Offered Lifetime Membership From Museum of Sex

Inspiring Me! Life of Pi’s New Trailer (VIDEO)

Bob Jones University Museum Announces Purchase of Ivory Dyptch

Arts Council in Wisconsin to Fundraise Using Power2Give (Crowdfunding)

Showcase of Arab, Israeli, Iranian Women at Rutgers & Princeton

"It Was Totally Bootstrap": Art Entrepreneur Jen Bekman Looks Back on 5 Years of 20x200

"Piss Christ" Photograph Comes To New York, Angering Pols

Religious Ivory Demand Killing Elephants by Thousands, Report Says

Priest Marries Gay Partner on Alaskan Cruise (Canadian Waters)

Can Dance Transform the Soul? Support "O'Black Madonna"

Holyday Art for "Yom Kippur" by Ken Goldman

Islamic Cartoon Row, Flying Carpet Hang Over Louvre

Roger Ebert's Less Than Glowing Review: "The Master" (2.5 Stars)

Sikh Artifacts, Tipu Art on UK Auction Block

Controversy Misses the Mark in Blake Prize for Religious Art

The War Against Freedom of Speech

Fall Exhibtion at Texas' Blanton Museum Explores Tibetan Buddhism

Elderly Woman Who Botched Religious Fresco Demands Royalties

Exploiting the Prophet: We Are Pawns in a Politcal (Not Religious) Battle

Pakistani Minister Offers $100,000 Bounty For Killing Anti-Islam Film Maker

Rising Tide of Restrictions on Religion

Arts Council + Church Desire = Spiritual Artwork Show

Zen Buddhism, Art Subject of McClung Museum Exhibit

The Art and History of the Marfo-Mariinskaya Convent

Wait, You Still Don't Like Us?

1 Day Left! Banksy "Fallen Angel" For Sale, For Your Home


The Louvre’s New Islamic Galleries Bring Riches to Light

Grand Rapid's Fountain Street Church Awards Cash Prizes During ArtPrize Festival

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Technology Replicates Ancient Chinese Temple at NYU Exhibtion

Paris' Louvre Museum Unveils "Islamic Art Wing

New French Cartoons Inflame Prophet Film Tension

Artist-magician unveils sculpture that is both a Star of David and a Christian cross

Vatican Helps Launch Church-Approved Ads for Catholic Websites

Iranian Foundation Offers $3.3 Million Bounty for Killing of Author Salman Rushdie

Building the Jalil Khayat Mosque (c. Iraq 2007)

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