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Have a "Mary" Christmas this year! We'll be back on January 6, 2016

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Starting with the Renaissance, artists produced diverse depictions of the Nativity

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Rare holiday crèche on display at Art Institute of Chicago

"Kongo: Power and Majesty" at the Metropolitan Museum Art ends January 3rd

Medieval theology is the antidote to the Islamic State’s religious ideology

Artist Murakami wields imagination on a massive scale

Virginia county closes schools as Islam assignment prompts parents’ backlash

Protestant church celebrates Star Wars with sci-fi Sunday service

Metropolitan Museum of Art explores iconic Van Eyck diptych

Mother Teresa is officially becoming a Christian saint

Taharqa is the Nubian King who saved the Jewish people


Star Wars is indeed back as "The Force Awakens"

Christmas is a time to reflect on the "God Gulf" on religious oppression

One God to rule them all: Faith After the Pharaohs at the British Museum

Lampedusa Cross will be British Museum director's final aquisition

It's time to create a new "Gospel of Wealth" that addresses "Inequality"

Must I collect my artist friends work even if I don't like it?

Artlist's CEO Kenneth Schlenker explores $3,000 price-point for new collectors

Pope’s visit boosts charitable giving, survey finds

Artlyst's top artists and art stories of 2015

Tyler Perry to host live musical about Jesus on Fox TV

James Turrell's "Meeting" skyspace in Queens, NY to reopen this summer

Christian college professor Is disciplined after remarks supporting Muslims

Senegal, a peaceful Islamic democracy, is jarred by fears of extremist groups

Artist J. Kirk Richards illustrates New Testament stories

NYC to release report on diversity of arts groups

In American mosques, growing safety concerns — and more armed guards

Jeff Wall's huge triptych evokes the altarpieces of the European Renaissance

Sikh soldier allowed to keep beard in rare exception by U.S. Army

Hozier's incredible new version of a "God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen"

Imranovi's graphic art tackles the horrors of the bloody Syrian civil war

Black Icons of the Bible by James C. Lewis in time for Christmas

Home of the Isenheim Altarpiece reopens with new galleries for contemporary art

In ‘Mark Rothko: From the Inside Out,’ a son writes about his father

History shows how angry words by Christians led to violence against Jews

Peter Doig's portals to mythic worlds now at Michael Werner Gallery

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An overdose of American Christmas leads to a bigger Hanukkah, and more

Worshipping mother as God an inherent part of Hindu culture


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Indy is one of 15 places in the world to host "Star Wars," the 70mm IMAX version