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Church Model Exhibition

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Portland-based Cuba AyUUda fosters Cuban-U.S. relations.

Thornton Dial Notes ll

Thornton Dial Notes

Sermon: Edward Wheeler @JMCC

A&O Meetup in Toledo: Fernando Botero, on March 19, 2011

There's "Hard Truth" in Indiana

Spirituality at Tonight's Academy Awards

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An Interior of Spiritual and Artistic Subtlety, Rothko at 40

Churches making movies

Manuscripts discovered of the Bon religion, one of the oldest religions in the world

Art Review: Gauguin, The Self-Invented Artist

Student Art Inspired by Bible

Cultural Prescriptions in Finland

A Religious Treasure Trove at Princeton University

New work by Chagoya won't be displayed in Colorado Museum

400 years of the King James Bible

A Skater whose artwork is Bible Inspired

'Bali: Art, Ritual, Performance,' Asian Art Museum

Review: 'Of Gods and Men' Is Martyrdom Masterpiece

Theology professor communicates through art in New Mexico

History’s Bestseller in Type at Houghton

Berlin couple sells rare antiquities from around the world

Haiti’s Scars, and Its Soul, Find Healing on Walls

Lecture: We are all Warhol's Children

Messenger Art Collection Acquired by New Owner

Exhibit of Vatican pieces explores religious iconography over the years

Polish Great Dies: Jerzy Nowosielski

Jan Gossaert at the National Gallery, review

New Bible is work of art 'for eternity'

Gay couple denied entrance to Creation Museum event

Christians work behind the scenes in Hollywood

'Crossroads' unearthed at Boston College

Religious Life Council Sponsors Interfaith Conference

First United Methodist church celebrates the arts with a twelve-day winter showcase

IMA Exhibit Spotlights Thornton Dial

President Seeks $125M for African American Museum

Civil rights museum plan draws hope, suspicion


New Diversity Museum? Ethnicity or Spirituality

Virgin Mary is in Green Bay

Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs

Stained Glass Goes Green



Exhibit: Travel back in time with Egyptian boy King Tut in Minnesota (VIDEO)

Exhibit: The Sacred Tripod: Buddhism, Confucianism and Daoism in Harmony

Lecture: The Medieval Haggadah

Evicted Internet Nun Lists Art as a Hobby

Russian Artist Makes American Debut

David Driskell Artist-Educator, and Curator to the Stars

Religious tokens show devotion to fashion

Banned Video at Eastman House

Banned Video on UNC campus

Architect to remove ‘crosses’ from Toledo elementary school

Boston's Archdiocese moves to shut 7 churches

Nothing distracts monks from their sand art

Taiwanese painter blends art and life in retrospective

Quebec town fights to save prayer in city hall

Michelangelo died 447 years ago today

Take the high road with 'Book of Mormon' musical

The Annunciation, in words and stone

Rothko celebrates 40 years

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"A Fire in my Belly"

Art and Theater: Two Divine Examinations