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The King of Pop: Michael Jackson, (Hoosier, August 29, 1958)

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Artist Anil Revri's Interfaith "Wall for Peace 2011" at DC Airport

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New Opera of One Mary, or Three: Magdalene, Bethany or Other?

Movie Review: "Premium Rush" (3 Stars for fun)


Truly Moving Pictures Readies for 2012 Heartland Film Festival

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For Auction: 1613 King James Bible in San Francisco

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"Piss Christ", Revisted in 2012

"Prince of Peace" By Akian Kramarik Wins 2012 Christian Retailers Choice Award

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Bamiyan Buddhas: Should They Be Rebuilt?

Hyper-Realism Artist: Pedro de Mena (1628-1688)

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Artists Alter Islamophobic Ads on Buses, Administrators Post Disclaimers

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The Priest Who Beat Punk Rock: The Kremlin's Orthodox Link

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Study: Religious People Give More. The Rich Give Less.


Reach Out to Foundation Program Officers

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A Muscular Jesus Stars in Winning $25,000 Mandorla Art Award Winner