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Selling Art as an Emerging Artist, the Best Way Remains the Traditional Gallery

Jewish Punk Rocker Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz supports "Holy S***" by Pussy Riot

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Theorist, Richard Florist is back to argue how to keep America's Artists from Starving

Chicago Jewish center in foreclosure. Chabad House to be auctioned today

Artists vs. Clergy in Tunisia. Who will in the battle over freedom of expression?

1,700 Russians strip naked for Spencer Tunick's installation for "The Ring"

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Staten Island's Museum of Tibetan Art hosts Meg Whitlock's 'Lhasa on the Hudson'

Islamic religious art is increasingly popular, although extremists raise objections

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Michael Jackson Religious Portrait At Centre Of Ownership Wrangle


'Sister Act' to go to Broadway theatrical heaven

Artist is warned, "You are a whore" and "we must killl you"

Movie Review: "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter," (3 Stars)

Green Lantern comes out as Gay, after 70 years in closet

Ohio's 'Touchdown Jesus' Statue Struck by Lightning to Be Rebuilt in July

Theater Review: 'Savannah Disputation' comically tackles religious extremes

Kenji Liu's "10,000 Dharma Doors" is Buddhist pop art bestseller

(PHOTOS) 5 Faith's Friday

Faced with violence and censorship, artists launch urgent petition calling for international solidarity

Priest's Crucifix collection boasts rare religious artifacts

African American Muslims Revolutionize the message of Hip Hop

Government official who triggered riots over ‘un-Islamic’ art is arrested

In Peoria tonight? Go learn about Buddhist sacred art at the Unitarian Church

Today's Holyday Art (SUMMER SOLSTICE) at Stonehenge

Did the Jewish Museum take on racism in Israel, but then back away?

14,500 Pagans (and others) gather at Stonehenge for Summer Solstice

Director of NYC's Museum of Biblical Art is stepping down

Southern Baptists elect Black Preacher as their counter to U.S. Civil Rights leadership

Broadway's "Jesus Christ Superstar" may close next month without a miracle

Spainish Monastery Hosts 'Ages of Man' Religious Art Exhibit

There are 8 gates of Jerusalem today; but the Bible promises 12 in the future

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Artists Lament Lack of Government Support After Anti-Artist Islamist Riots

Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Buddhism Along the Silk Road" Opens in NYC

Corporations Giving Less, Individuals Giving More Says New Report

Frederick J. Brown: The Life of Christ Altarpiece in Missouri

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(PHOTOS) 5 Faith's Friday

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