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Artist Setsuko LaCroix, to Exhibit in Cincinnati's Malton Gallery

Virginia Museum Hosts Exhibit “The Adoration of the Magi by Bartolo di Fredi”

YouTube star wants to make Jesus famous

Holy-day Art (Lent, Day #7) Tattoos by Scott Erickson | Texas

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Video: Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Muslim Version || Spoken Word || Response

Video of Week: Art of the Book with Tobi Kahn at Museum of Biblical Art | NYC

ABC’s welcomes "Good Christian Bitches" to American Airwaves

Tomb exploration reveals first archaeological evidence of Christianity from time of Jesus

Soul singer Erykah Badu's Allah tattoos upsets Malaysians

Egyptian Photographer Seeks to Break Society's Taboos for Women

Holy-day Art (Lent, Day #6) - "The Crucifixion" by Donald Jackson for St. John's bible

Huffington Post's Salute to Ash Wednesday for "Lapsed Catholics"

Religion Dominated the News in 2011, Researchers Found

"Artists Celebrating Christ" Conference in North Dakota this March

Holy-day Art (Lent, Day #5) "The Body - The Blood" by Gerda Liebman

"Maria & Madonna" (2010) by Kim Dong Yoo at Hasted Kraeutler Gallery


Christian vs. Muslim Chess Sets: A New Method of Conflict Resolution

Artist Quote: "God is really another artist...."

Holy-day Art (Lent, Day #4) - "Ecce Homo" by Hieronymus Bosch

Holy-day Art (Lent, Day #3) - "Ecce Homo" by Caravaggio

When is the Christian Holy Day of "Lent"? And is it 40, 46 or 47 days long?

Holy-day Art (Lent, Day #2) - "Head of Christ" by Fernando Botero

In honor of Contemporary Religious Artist, Andy Warhol (Aug. 6, 1928 - Feb. 22, 1987)

Video: Ash Wednesday Montage

The story behind the World Press Photo: Today's Michelangelo's Pieta

Holy-day Art for Ash Wednesday | Art by Jennifer Khoshbin

Walt Disney's God Dream for American Believers

Quran burning angers Afghans; U.S. vows probe

Over 200 deities to gather for Mandi Shivratri

Artistic culture: BYU issues invitation to See Islamic Art up close at 'Beauty and Belief"

Art Review: The Buddha in the center of the room at MFAH

Art review: Pop! goes religion in Legaspi's 'Pop Idols' exhibit

Video: ‘In Between’ builds mystical world in Oakland gallery

Art exhibit explores nature themes for Jewish holiday

Purchase the Four Holy Gospels, by Makota Fugimura for Lent 2012


5 New A&O Journeys, RSVP Today!

God, Dreams and Me: An Indianapolis Workshop on God Talking

Final Week for Cincinnati! "Saint John's Bible" Ends Feb. 26th

Faith Plays a Role, in Abstract & Ancient Art in Houston

Hindu Photograph is Subject of Winning Entry for NJ Art Contest

Alain de Botton's Atheism 2.0

Ethiopian Religious Art by Photographer Frank Janssens

Review: Leonardo’s London Blockbuster: The Movie

"Unbee-lievable!’ - Harlem Artist Goes from City Shelter to Chic Gallery

(VIDEO) Michael Cunningham's "Crown" of Black women in Church

Today's Holy-day Art (NIRVANA DAY) | Video Art for the Passing of Lord Buddha Śākyamuni

The Mob Museum: Blood, Booze, Jews & Catholics in Vegas

Today's Holy-day Art Preview: Nirvana Day is Feb. 15

Happy Valentine's Day: Caravaggio's Cupid & the Festival of Lupercalia

Nicki Minaj's "Vulgar" Grammys Exorcism Angers Catholic Leaque

Saudi Writer Drives Muslims to Tears of Anger over his Tweets

More Voodoo Photographs from Jordi Cohen, "Saut d'Eau Pilgrimmage

Today's Holy-day Art Preview: Nirvana Day is Feb. 15


Video of Week: "Losing My Religion" by R.E.M.

Today's Holy-day Art Preview: Nirvana Day is Feb. 15

Actress Mixes Art & Religion for Performance at Grace Cathedral

Today's Holy-day Art Preview: Nirvana Day is Feb. 15

Matt Johnson's "Mother and Child" at James Cohan Gallery, NYC

R. G. Phillips, "The Art World, the Flesh, the Spirit and Adkins, Vignon, David and Goliath"