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Is there such a thing as "Jewish" Art? Historian says, "Yes!"

Today's Holy-day Art (LENT, day #33) Giovanni Agnostino da Lodi

London gallery leading way to bridge interfaith conflict with interfaith art competition

(Photo) "A New Jerusalem" by Zoe Ali and Christos Tsiolkas (Australia)

Chinese Art Buyers Renege on $Millions for Buddhist Art, Forces Clampdown

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"Adoration of the Magi" at UV Art Museum sounds like an Easter Story

Most and Least Religious States in America

NYC's Michael Galmer sculpts "The Ten Commandments" but this time in silver

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Texans ink the Stations of the Cross on their bodies for Easter

From Pagan ritual, to Easter tradition, the Orthodoxy story of Easter Eggs

Today's Holy-day Art (LENT, day #31) by Dinah Roe Kendall,

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A Paris exhibition explores the body in Arab art

Artist's Hindu-Islamic-inspired art used to promote Catholicism

Episcopal Diocese announces selection of artist for Pediment of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul

Today's Holy-day Art (LENT, day #30) by Leivur Reinert Djurhuus

Indo-Islamic motifs are a merger of art & architecture from a variety of faiths

Movie Review: "The Hunger Games"

Peace Corp experience inspires the poetry/photo hybrids of Indiana's John Sherman

Today's Holy-day Art (LENT, day #29) by Leszek Forczek

On Sunday, Congregants across America wore hoodies, to remember Trayvon Martin

Meaning of Angels and Doves in Religious Art

Movie Review: "Big Miracle"


‘Mirror Mirror,’ ‘Grimm’ and Hollywood's Love for Fairy Tales

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From Hebrew school to becoming America's leading Atheist

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Jewish dead flown to Jerusalem for burial, and Christians ask, "Why?"

Art for LENT (Holy-day #27) "The Crucifixion" by Spencer Williams

Extremist is dead, after killing Jewish children & rabbi in Parist

Desecration of Quran, mosques shocks Tunisia

Today's Holy-day Art (LENT, day #26) "I Give to You. John 14:27" by Mark Lawrence

Russian court rejects call to ban Hindu holybook

INSPIRE ME! Calling all Religious Artists

Art for LENT (Holy-day #25) "Agony in the Garden" by Andrea Mantegna

Buddhist statuette from Nepal sells for $2.49 million

Art Exhibit: “God hates you,” and “Homo sex is sin”

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Buddhism and Mythology become one in Thanapon Junkasain's series of painting

San Diego's "Surfing Madonna" is homeless once again thanks to the Attorney General

Today's Holy-day Art (EQUINOX) is Stonehenge for the Pagans

Art for Lent (Day #24) “Krossfesting” by Leivur Reinert Djurhuus