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RELIGIOUS ART | NEWS OF WEEK - Our Favorites of 2017

Christmas artworks by Bellini (1501); Rigglemam (2015); Cosme (c. 2010)

A woman now leads the Vatican Museums. And she’s shaking things up.


Architect Steven Holl‘ doesn't collect art, he trade's art

Art exhibition on life of Holy Prophet (PBUH) held in Islamabad

A collector's illuminated Hebrew Bible has a new home in a museum

“Visible Heavens”: A swirling set of four vintage star maps available at 20x200

Oh, Jerusalem! Berlin exhibition encapsulates troubled past, sobering present

Developing a collector's passion for religious photography

3D-printed Buddhist statues displayed in China

How an exhibition of prayer rugs aims to stand up against Trump's travel ban

Benkei, the famous Japanese Buddhist warrior of the 12th century in Japanese art

Cleveland Museum of Art embarks on radical reconstruction of Cambodian Krishna statue


Controversial nude self-portraits inspired by Hindu religious art at Columbia Museum of Art

Renowned designer Dana Tanamachi brings modern illustrations to the Bible

Movie Review: ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ embraces the battle between good and evil

Amaravati Buddhist art to finally be seen in full glory at British Museum

Review 'Painted in Mexico': LACMA's remarkable and important new show

Big-nosed Jesus and God as a second-rate Santa: the worst Christian art

Artists from 31 countries to exhibit work at 20th Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival

Gauguin's spiritual journey coming to the de Young Museumin November 2018

Artists unveil authentic world of contemporary Islamic art

Collector Ariel Foxman's political power of art

Renaissance art goes green in two exhibits at the Getty Museum

Is Christmas a religious holiday? A growing number of Americans say no

The Satanic Temple sues Minnesota town for $35,000

Handcrafted Torah adornments at center of legal battle shed light on Colonial American Jewish life

From high art to Disney-esque, menorahs of all kinds light the way during Hanukkah

American Jews and charitable giving: An enduring tradition

Spanish police cordon off Catalan museum after religious artefacts seized

Japanese Art and the two paths of Buddhism and Shintoism: Faith in the Snow

Bring Hanukkah in with a Tyrannosaurus Rex sized roar


Two collectors met over coffee and Jackson Pollock

A pair of Heinrich Wilhelm Kompff's torah finials were missing from Kristallnacht (1938) until 1970

Male Hindu gods combined their power to create the goddess Durga

First North American survey of paintings by trailblazing Chinese Artist Chen Hongshou now at Berkeley

Movie Review: ‘The Shape of Water’ is altogether wonderful

Rare Christmas crèche on display at Art Institute of Chicago

Photographs by Farah al-Qasimi this week in New York's Helena Anrather gallery

Aliza Nisenbaum's majestic portraits of communities

2018 exhibition at The Frick Collection reunites two commissions of early Netherlandish painting

Saudi prince revealed as buyer of Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Salvator Mundi’

At National Gallery explores relationship between three giants of Renaissance art

Naked and aflame or considering death, Munch rarely screamed