Saturday, July 15, 2017

Archie Rand's ‘The 613’ paintings at San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum

By Robert Nagler Miller
“Not to Test the Prophet,” from Archie Rand’s “The 613” series
SAN FRANSICO---Completed in 2008, [Archie Rand's] 613 20-by-16-inch canvas paintings have never been exhibited in a museum or gallery — until now. Beginning on Thursday, July 20, the works will be on display at San Francisco’s Contemporary Jewish Museum, where visitors will have a chance to express pleasure, confusion, annoyance, consternation, revulsion, excitement and myriad other emotions that the painter’s bold, colorful, lurid, humorous, anti-literal and completely irreverent images evoke. Talking recently about his career and the 613 project, Rand spoke of the need to develop a “visual language” within Judaism, where traditions, practices and culture have subsisted primarily on “a textual system” of written codes and interpretations. [More]

The Contemporary Jewish Museum: "The 613 by Archie Rand" (Jul 20, 2017–Oct 22, 2017); 736 Mission St, San Francisco, CA; (415) 655-7800;