Monday, September 26, 2011

Bruce Wall Lifts Ancient Art of Indian Kolam into High Tech

By Steve Siegal
Artist Bruce Wall is seated by a collection of his Indian Kolam art
PENNSYLVANIA - Kolam is an ancient folk art form still practiced daily on the floors of Hindu temples and on the doorsteps of homes by the women of South India. A fine mixture of rice powder, crushed stones, and sometimes spices for pigment is sifted between the thumb and forefinger, creating a geometric pattern of dots and lines on the ground. Kolam designs are a form of welcome mat, inviting all things auspicious to enter within. What Bruce Wall, associate professor of fine arts at NCC, has done in creating this remarkable show is to lift Kolam off the floor and place it into new media using new technology. "The Art of Indian Kolam: Traditional Designs and New Media" at Northampton Community College is on view through Oct. 23. [link]