New exhibition at Thanksgiving Point, Utah focuses on uplifting Spiritual art

"Lead, Kindly Light" by Simon Dewey
UTAH -- On Friday, the Utah-based Inspirational Art Association launched "Follow His Light," an exhibition of religious and inspirational art at the visitors' center at Thanksgiving Point Gardens. There are roughly 70 pieces in the show by more than 40 different artists. Many of the paintings have a direct religious theme: Foster, 55, said that there are many depictions of Jesus Christ in "Follow His Light." "There's a beautiful Simon Dewey painting just as you enter," Foster said. "It just jumps out at you. It's gorgeous." [link]

The Inspirational Art Association is a relatively new group of artists, most of whom live in Utah and are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Malm, 39, said that he joined the IAA when it formed, in 2010, because he wanted to support the idea of a group dedicated to promoting spiritual art. Part of the IAA mission statement reads, "We seek to honor the Master Creator by setting a standard of excellence," and Hewlett said that viewing the world around her as a masterpiece crafted by divine hands is a source of continual artistic energy.