Monday, December 15, 2014

For Bühler-Rose, a Boston Gallery is a Hindu Temple at Carroll and Sons

By Cate McQuaid
Michael Bühler-Rose’s “Kumkumam & Turmeric.”
MASSACHUSETTS---An altar sits in the center of Michael Bühler-Rose’s exhibition at Carroll and Sons. It’s not mentioned on the title list. Perhaps it’s not art at all. Bühler-Rose, a conceptual artist and a Hindu priest, explores the territory between art and religion. He makes the gallery his temple, threading his installation with religious import. He has lined the walls with indigo-striped fabric, a reference to stripes on the outsides of temples in South India. His lushly colored photographs portray elements of Hindu rituals. Both art and religion address the intangible; both are means of dealing with life’s difficulties. Both can be transcendent. Bühler-Rose’s work embraces all that, but he also cleverly prods at some of the great gulfs between the two. [link]