Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Jewish Festival of Lights at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The eight-branched Hanukkah Menorah commemorates the triumphant Maccabean revolt
against the oppressing Seleucid Empire and the re-consecration of the Jewish Holy Temple in 165 B.C.
NEW YORK---In conjunction with the celebration of Hanukkah—the Metropolitan Museum of Art is observing the Jewish Festival of Lights from the evening of December 16 through the evening of December 24. The featured display is a magnificent, late 19th-century silver Menorah made in Lviv, Ukraine, is on display through January 12, 2015. Made in 1866–72, the ceremonial lamp—which is cast, chased, and engraved with elaborate motifs—is one of the largest silver Hanukkah lamps known.  The inscription on the base reads: "With You is the fountain of life; by Your light do we see light" (Psalms 36:10).