Friday, January 30, 2015

Muslim Cleric Declares Taking a Selfie is a Sin

Compiled by Herb Scribner
Indonesian author and speaker Felix Siauw believes selfies are a sin. According to Quartz’s Lily Kuo, the Indonesian Muslim cleric posted on his Twitter account a “17-pont manifesto” about how selfies are a sinful act for believers. “Felix Siauw argued that taking a selfie often means succumbing to pride, arrogance, and ostentation — all of which make them a sin under Islam,” Kuo reported. One of the points on Siauw’s Twitter also specifically blamed women for this issue. According to a translation from news website Coconuts Jakarta, Siauw said women put too much emphasis on their selfies, which makes both selfies and women impure. But Siauw isn’t the first religious believer to denounce the selfie. [link]