Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Reclaiming the human figure – art exhibit uses body, form to evangelize

By Matt Hadro

WASHINGTON, DC---Can a portrait of a human face evangelize? Curators of a brand-new traveling art exhibit answer a resounding “Yes.” The exhibit seeks to recover a classical, Christian view of the human person made in God’s image, rather than a “bizarre” or “grotesque” view of man in the artist’s image, seen all too often in the 20th century, say organizers. The exhibit debuted March 19 in Beijing’s Wangfujing Cathedral, and will travel to Moscow’s Pokrovsky Cultural Center in mid-April, followed by two weeks at New York University’s Catholic Center in June. “There is really great Christian art being made today and we need to promote and support it,” stated Terrence McKeegan, an organizer of the “One Faith: East and West” exhibit featuring contemporary Christian artists from three continents. [link]